When threatened by a serious illness, the natural tendency is to become self-absorbed with anxiety and worry, focusing wholly on the Ego-Self.


Notice the behaviors and attitudes indicative of the ego and the spirit selves. If our focus is heavy on the ego, it will be light on the spirit. If our focus is heavy on the spirit self, it will be light on the ego. Keep in mind, this is not an “either or” dynamic. The fulcrum of the self is always in flux, but can be influenced through awareness and intention.


Who will you become during your sickness and dying? The choice is yours.

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Evidenced by:

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Working on our faith can shift the focus toward the Spirit Self,
changing the relational dynamics in positive ways.



Excerpted from After the Diagnosis: A Guide for Living by the Reverend Thomas F. Lynch and Barbara Mariconda ©2017

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