Love changes everything - An Article by Religion News Service

In a culture where death is seen as the ultimate failure, where suffering is to be avoided at all cost, and assisted suicide is increasingly the answer, what is there left to say about end of life issues? And, what’s love got to do with it?

Perhaps it’s counterintuitive, but once we recognize that love and suffering, forgiveness and dying emerge from the same inner place, a place of radical surrendering of self, we can begin to view end of life issues differently. As authors Lynch and Mariconda say, “If we learn to suffer well, we’ll learn to love well. To forgive others and life.  And when we do these things well, we’ll die a joyful death.” As contemporary as it is mystical, as practical as it is inspirational, After the Diagnosis…A Guide for Living takes the reality of dying and death beyond simple acceptance to a place of true transformation. It is also a must-read for caregivers who often become the silent victims of a loved one’s disease. Why not learn to walk this shared journey together in a life-giving way.......

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